Collette Stewart


May 28th, 2020 @ 7:30
Memorial Union PlayCircle Theater, Madison, WI

A full evening of new work created by Collette Stewart and dancers

Performed by Dianne Kotsonis, Yun-Chen Liu, Kimi McKissic, Mary Patterson, and Liz Sexe and Collette Stewart

Tickets available in March 2020

Dumbo Dance

Dumbo Dance Festival

Saturday, October 11 @ 6:00
Gelsey Kirkland ArtsCenter, Brooklyn, NY

Dissolution (solo)
Choreographed & performed by Collette Stewart
Music by Marilyn Lerner

ExChange festival

ExChange Dance Festival

Saturday, July 27th, 2019 @ 7:30
Bell House, Tulsa, OK

Life & Death
Choreographed by Collette Stewart and the dancers
Performed by Mary Patterson, Liz Sexe, Collette Stewart
Original Text by Collette Stewart

Merce Cunningham Centennial

16th Annual Modern Dance Festival at The Modern: Celebrating the Merce Cunningham Centennial

Friday, July 12th @ 6:30 and Sunday, July 14th @ 1:00

Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX

Dissolution/Chance Dance
Choreographed and performed by Collette Stewart

Dance in Place

Dance in Place

ACDA North Central Conference
March 20-23, 2019, Gala Concert Selection
University of Minnesota, Morris, Minnesota

Anything but Ordinary
Choreographed by Collette Stewart
Original text by Collette Stewart
Original score by Kelby Kryshak

Performed by Caroline Criste, Lauren John, Lauren Forrest, Elisa Hildner, Dianne Kotsonis, Mariel Schneider, Bailey Seymour, Alice Svetic, & Kaitlin Verchimak

© 2019, All Rights Reserved, Collette Stewart